Why does everyone love Uniqlo?

Source: Theatlantic.com Uniqlo owns more than 2,000 stores in 15 countries and Uniqlo’s parent company – Fast Retailing is one of the 5 largest fashion retail groups in the world. Let’s find out why Uniqlo has become a “key brand” in the wardrobe of many people all over the world! 1. Super reasonable prices for … Read more

What Japanese items are exempt from 10% tax?

Japan Tax-Free

Japanese domestic products have long been famous with the slogan “Mottainai” – each item is designed to be convenient and durable so that it can be fully utilized to avoid waste. To save even more when buying Japanese goods, don’t forget to have a look at Japan’s tax-free policy!  This policy applies to all categories, … Read more

Top 3 Japanese eCommerce Website in 2021

Inadvertently, Covid-19 accelerates the worldwide digital transformation process. In this environment, internet shopping, which has been increasingly popular in Japan in recent years, is hotter than ever. Let’s see which e-commerce websites for domestic purchases are most popular among Japanese shopaholics! Rakuten (https://www.rakuten.co.jp) Rakuten is the leading online shopping site in Japan, where users can … Read more

How To Get The Best Rakuten Deals

Shopping is happiness, shopping for high-quality items with the best prices is even much happier! Here are exactly the tips to be a real deal hunter at Rakuten – where any Japanese product is available. Superdeal Superdeal is campaigns that are held for a limited time: https://event.rakuten.co.jp/superdeal/?l-id=top_normal_menu_scene63 High-end brands outlet Here you can search for … Read more

[Tips] How to buy Tax-free items on Amazon.co.jp through Bagg.co

Amazon Japan is the country’s most popular online shopping site. It offers customers a vast selection of authentic and high-quality goods, not only Japanese-made but also from other global companies. However, the complicated shipping procedure to some countries obstructs international buyers to access their desired products. That’s why Bagg.co is here! Bagg.co is a service … Read more