About Us

Bagg.co is Japan’s Largest Tax-Free Shop. Bagg.co is the safe, fast, and friendly way to get anything from Japan.

Company profile

Company name: Bagg Inc.

Headquarters: 110-6 Fukakusa Shimogawara-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyōto, Japan 612-8401.

Main business: Duty-Free Shop, e-Commerce, International Delivery.

Our story

Japan has long been a famous tourist attraction to people all around the world, not only because of its beautiful scenery and tasty cuisine but for its being a tax-free shopping paradise for brand stuff and high-quality products as well.

There are over 30 million tourists visiting Japan every year, making up a huge amount of shopping expenditure. However, when the pandemic generally stopped the tourism industry, foreigners could not directly purchase the tax-free items they love. To respond to this common demand, Bagg was established in Kyoto, Japan in 2021.

Our mission

Being a technology company that focuses on eCommerce, Bagg provides international buyers an economical, speedy, and secured Tax-Free cross-border online shopping service.

With our exclusive 10% Tax-Free offer, you will save more on your shopping expenses. Our commitment is to buy from the exact sites as your requirements, guaranteeing the authenticity for every order.

Our service

If you are in demand for Japanese domestic items but do not understand how to get it shipped internationally, Bagg will help you purchase from all Japanese e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Rakuten, Muji, Uniqlo, etc.

We will order your desired items on the same day as your request. On these items’ arrival at our warehouse in Kyoto, they will be processed following your specifications then get handled by the international shipping agency to be delivered to your doorstep. You can refer to this GUIDELINE for more order details.

Our vision

Bagg’s vision is to be “Uber for International Delivery” – a C-to-C marketplace platform that connects shoppers with travelers around the world. 

We believe that this model can effectively solve the current issues of cross-border e-commerce, helping customers securely receive their desired items from overseas just within a few days with much more affordable fees.